Q°emotion project kick off!

We are very happy to announce you the official launch of the project Q°emotion.

Here the small story at the origin of the project. The first idea came from the movie poster displayed in a parisian subway station, in December 2013:

All is lost

You can see in the top of the poster the reference that the marketing guys wanted use to underline the strength and particularity of the movie. With only 3 words, the journalists (Le Monde & TF1 News) have summarized their thoughts, their opinions about the movie and more, their feelings. Indeed, it was neither something new, nor particulary bigger displayed than usual.

But this poster drives me to think

“Could we express what we feel (…) in only a few words ?”

Could we express what we feel, our reactions, about a movie, a music or a rugby match in only a few words ? Can the very personal truth of the heart really be squizzed out into only one phrase, ie. 20 letters ? To be simple [because of conciseness] has to balance the unavoidable frustrations [generated by limitation]. And a little further, one question araised: how to merge exhaustiveness with accuracy ?

If yes, then we can propose this formula to a lot of people to let express, share emotion all together, maybe even for certain specific global events helping overpass language or country limitation. And the next stage would be to be able to count how many times people feel the same, and immediately render results, statistics, percents to the people.

With this idea in mind, I tried to study, survey on the existing tools for such requests. And started to discuss about it with friends working in the startup ecosystem in Paris.


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