#Grève31mars, An Emotional Strike ?

On the occasion of strikes related to the labor law, many protests took place throughout France.

It is increasingly common nowadays to express ourselves on social networks for any occasion: this strike was no exception to the rule! But do you know what people thought of these demonstrations on social networks? Specifically, do you know the emotions that were most expressed on Twitter before, during and after these events? 

To find it out, Q°emotion invites you to discover the feelings of Twitter users about #greve31mars (=#StrikeofMarch31) !

Twitter emotional analysis

We studied for a week the overall sentiment on Twitter about this strike through the analysis platform Q°emotion. We analyzed the emotional index* of all Tweets that used #greve31mars in order to know the global emotion on this social network.

Thus, from March 20 to April 1, 587 tweets used the #greve31mars, for an average of 42% of positive reactions about this hashtag. The most expressed emotions are happiness (37%) and sadness (33%).

Sharing out of emotions expressed about #grève31marsGrève 31 mars graph 1The negative emotions are dominants for this hashtag

Evolution of the average Emotional IndexE-index_blog

The average E-index is low, between 10 and 20 ° C, which means fear

*Emotional index (E-index): The emotional index calculated on a topic by our algorithm is an emotional KPI. It enables to easily apprehend in graphics the affective evolution of feedbacks. Like a temperature, every e-index is linked to a color and a major primary emotion. More information in http://qemotion.com/

Tweets sentiments

So, negative emotions prevail with regard to this strike. But what could the Twitter users write to have such kind of results? Here a sample of analyzed tweets for each emotion expressed during this week.

The colored words are the words used which have a high emotional value. These are the words that define the emotion expressed in the tweet and so its E-index.

Happiness :

« We don’t forget after tomorrow this year, there will be a March 32, for that result of March 31 is not a JOKE ! #greve31mars » – @SESLRENNES

« I’ll do SWEET DREAMS about a social movement which make progresses. Thanks @nuitdebout, I’ll come back, really ! #StandingNight #greve31mars #hope » – @yannsionnaute

Sadness :

« No meeting in Tours this Thursday because of the strike. Disappointment😦 » – @AFMAHofficiel

« Never most precariousness, never smallest democracy, never so much government incompetence #weareworthbetter #JLM2017 » – anupjitamang

Fear :

« #Grève31Mars: Greatest THREAT of the Labor Law = inversion of the hierarchy of norms !!! Attention #DANGER» – @SUD_edu_89

« Convergence of struggles! This are all professional sectors who are ATTACKED for a return to modern slavery! #greve31mars #greve31mars » – @STnpdc

Anger :

« What can we say against so much CONTEMPT and PROVOCATION from #Valls #labourlawnothanks #weareworthbetter #grève31mars » – @MikaelMann27

« And it continues in the #ultra-liberal policies of #deregulation! :@ >_< TIRED OF these #neo-socialists #grève31mars » – @MikaelMann27

Surprise :

« “Struggling to mobilize” ?! 1200 students tonight at #Tolbiac for #Grève31Mars !!! @ComobParis1 @marianne2fr e2fr » – @LoiTravailStop

« STOP EVERYTHING !!!! We JUST found the solution for unemployment !!! #Grève31Mars https://t.co/CT5jr5KHe9 » – @Marsupi_L_Ami

Disgust :

« Strike, strike, strike… are there any day when there is no strike in this FUCKING Bolshevik country? So fed up with that now !! :@ #greve31mars #RATP » – @Levercors

« Holland, Valls, Macron, El Khomri, Gattaz, Berger, tomorrow everybody in the street to tell them THAT’S ENOUGH ! #labourlawnothanks # greve31mars » – @Sudcam_Caagis


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