Le Petit Journal VS Canal + : What the audience feel.

A star program from the French TV channel Canal + is in the hot seat: Vincent Bolloré, currently at the head of the channel, mentioned on Wednesday a possible removal of the show “Le petit journal”. The reasons are not clear: too cheeky show? Budget cut? Already programmed replacement by another program? Speculations are many!

No official decision has been taken yet. However, we can ask ourselves what French viewers think about this decision. What do they feel about the show? What are the emotions aroused by the channel in general? Let’s discover it now through an emotional analysis from Q°emotion !

LPJ 4.jpg

This study took place on Twitter from 2016, April 15 to 21 on 764 tweets about #canalplus and 693 tweets about #LPJ (official hashtag of the TV show). Below you can see a distribution of all these reactions according to which emotion they expressed and a graph showing the evolution during this week of the E-index* of each hashtag.

Eindex evolution graph.jpg

*Emotional index (E-index): The emotional index calculated on a topic by our algorithm is an emotional KPI. It enables to easily apprehend in graphics the affective evolution of feedbacks. Like a temperature, every e-index is linked to a color and a major primary emotion. More information in http://qemotion.com/

Emotional Analysis

We can note that rumors about a removal of the show don’t have any impact on emotions expressed by Canal + general viewers: they seem very satisfied by the channel. We can see that 14% still express sadness, but if we look at the E-index evolution graph we guess that this sadness is not totally about the TV program: if it were the case, we should observe a decrease of the E-index since April 20.

On the other hand, about #LPJ, we can notice that the rumors struck ! Even if “Le Petit Journal” fans continue to express their happiness about the show, sadness and fear rates are high. Moreover, in parallel we can see a big decrease of the E-index at one date: April 20, when the announcement of a possible end of the program appeared.

To conclude, although this possible removal didn’t have any impact in Canal + supporters’ minds, it sadden and afraid a big part of fans of this TV show: they expressed they fear and sadness about it a lot on Twitter.

Nevertheless, we have to keep in mind that no official decision has been taken yet. Currently, the show goes on, fans can’t begin to complain about the end of their favorite program… but they already began to express their fears and sadness about the future of “Le Petit Journal”.

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