TOTAL vs. ENGIE: What are the Emotions expressed facing the new energy strategy of Total ?

Total announced on April 20th the launch of its new energy strategy ‘One Total’ and its entry in the market of gas, electricity and renewable energy. Indeed, Total now aims to become the head of the responsible energy and provide an activity more compatible with climate protection. A strategic shift that could afraid the French giant ENGIE, current leader of renewable energy in the country.

Which emotions was expressed on Twitter about these two giants companies this week? Does the entry of Total in the renewable energy era is well received? Let’s find it out with this new emotional analysis from Q°emotion platform! 

1/ Total vs. Engie: Which company aroused the most happiness on Twitter?

This study took place on Twitter from April 22nd to May 1st on almost 1500 tweets: 846 tweets about @Total and 604 tweets about @ENGIEgroup.

Here you can see the distribution of all these reactions according to which emotion they expressed: 71% of tweets about @ENGIEgroup expressed happiness, against 65% for @Total.

We can see that these percentages are rather similar for both companies: tweets mostly expressed positive reactions.

Nevertheless it’s ENGIE which aroused the most happiness in the heart of Twitter users. It’s mainly thanks to many actions undertaken by the group in favor of the environment or innovation and through effective customer service.

Highlighted in red the words expressing happiness in these tweets.

But Total is not outdone with 65% of happiness aroused, thanks, among other things, to its new strategy recently communicated.

2/ TOTAL Transition: what Twitter users think about it.

What really think Twitter users of this energy transition of Total until now mainly targets on fossil fuels? Opinions are mixed: many recognize the “eco-friendly” awareness of the company while others stay more skeptical.

Nevertheless, activities linked with fossil fuels continue to harm the brand and emotions of Twitter users: tweets about it are mostly negative and denounce fossil activities of the company.

Are expressed in these tweets Anger (right) and Disgust (left).

In conclusion, although some detractors continued to campaign against fossil fuels, the energy transition initiative of Total was able to be welcomed by internet users with favorable tweets about it. But it’s still ENGIE which continues to generate the most happiness on Twitter.

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