French Seaside Regions: which one arouses the most happiness ?

Recently warm days are coming, the sun is here, temperatures increase … It feels like holidays, isn’t it? But do you know where to go during your time off? France is a very touristic country that attracts many foreign visitors and also many French who leave their home region to spend some time in another part of the country. But, French or not, it is often difficult to choose where to go, France having many varied tourist attractions: big cultural cities, mountains, sea … There’s something for everyone !

This month, Q°emotion decided to help you to make your choice ! We’ll try to know what places are the best to spend happy holidays ! Will be analyzed in the coming weeks the different emotions aroused by big French cities and regions to determine which one causes the most happiness, surprise, fear, sadness, anger or disgust on Twitter.

First part of the Q°emotion Tourism Month: seaside regions. Very touristic places with the approach of summer, do you know which maritime region between Côte d’Azur (French Riviera), Bretagne (Brittany), Aquitaine, Languedoc-Roussillon, Normandie (Normandy) and Corse (Corsica) sparked the most happiness on Twitter this week?

Let’s discover it right now through Q°emotion semantic emotional analysis platform ! 

This study took place on Twitter from April 28th to May 6th Twitter. We analyzed all tweets mentioning these seaside French regions: Côte d’azur (887 tweets), Bretagne (1086 tweets), Aquitaine (922 tweets), Languedoc-Roussillon (746 tweets) Normandie (1094 tweets) and Corse (1082 tweets).

Classement Happy 2.jpg

The region which aroused the most happiness to Twitter users is undoubtedly the French Riviera: 70% of tweets mentioning this region expressed happiness. The PACA region is the one which captures the most tourist consumption of this classification: 18.1 billion euros in 2014, 19.2% of its GDP (source).

Would follow Brittany and Aquitaine which remain very close with 57% and 56% of happiness. It is the same for Languedoc-Roussillon which follow closely behind Normandy with 53% and 52%.

Finally, it is Corsica which closes this ranking: the French island raises 47% of happiness on Twitter. Yet tourism is essential in this region because it represents 31.2% of its GDP (source).

Classement Happy.jpg

In conclusion, with its great tourist destinations such as Nice, Marseille, St Tropez or Cannes, the French Riviera knows how to attract tourists but also how to charm them. They are delighted with this region and they express this happiness on Twitter.

Westernmost, it’s the Aquitaine which attract and make happy visitors, the region knows how to make Twitter users happy, like Britain, northernmost, which raises almost as much happiness.

Finally, although the region depends largely on tourism, Corsica fails to charm as much as other places the Twitter users, darkening the image of this beautiful region.

If you want to spend happy holidays, any French seaside regions aroused strong rates of positive reactions on social networks. However, according to this study, it is on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur) where you have the best chances to be happy!


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