French Mountainous Regions: where will you be the happier ?

“Tourism Month” continues! Today we look at another typical vacation spot: mountains.

When some people prefer to laze on the beach, others love big mountainous areas where it is possible to walk by taking a breath of fresh air admiring fabulous landscapes. France has many regions with this kind of panorama, but do you know where you will have the best chances to be happy during your vacation? Do you know which French mountain areas aroused the most happines and sadness on Twitter this week? Let’s discover it right now thought a new semantic emotional analysis by Q°emotion!

This study took place on Twitter from May 1st to 8th. We analyzed all tweets mentioning these mountainous regions: #Vosges (821 tweets), #Jura (1149 tweets), #Auvergne (805 tweets), #Alps (1110 tweets) and #Pyrenees (1217 tweets).


Every tweet was analyzed to discover emotions expressed by Twitter users about French Mountains this week, to know which one is able to arouse the most happiness or sadness and help you to find the happiest touristic destination!

This is Auvergne which delight the most Twitter users this week thanks to a lot of tweets expressing happiness such as these:

55% of tweets mentioning Auvergne expressed happiness. Then, the happiest mountain regions was Pyrenees, Alps and Vosges, with very close scores. Jura is the mountain which aroused the least happiness. However, in the same time, Jura is the one which arouse the less sadness! It’s because Jura aroused more of other emotions like Fear and Disgust compare to others regions. This is tweets mentioning Alps which expressed the most sadness, mainly due to sad news acting in this region this week.

To conclude, every mountainous regions aroused strong rates of positive reactions and happiness… but, thanks to its ski resorts, footpaths and hot springs, this is in Auvergne where you have more chances to have a happy trip according to Twitter users’ reactions of this week!

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