French Touristic Cities: Where Will You Be The Happiest ?

Third part of the Q°emotion Tourism Month! After mountainous and seaside regions, let’s look at the major French Touristic Cities! Among the most populated (and touristic) cities of France, which one arouse the most happiness on social networks?

To discover it, we analyzed official hashtags of the five biggest cities’ tourist offices: Paris (#Parisjetaime), Lyon (#OnlyLyon), Marseille (#ChooseMarseille), Toulouse (#VisitezToulouse) and Bordeaux (#BordeauxTourism). These most populated cities are also among the top of cities that attract the most tourists each year. Can you guess which one of these cities arouses the most happiness to its tourists? 

This study took place from April 25 to May 11 on all tweets mentioning a hashtags cited before. It is almost 5000 tweets that were analyzed during this period, on several criteria: the percentage of happiness and surprise expressed by Twitter users and the average e-index * about Destination (it means the attractiveness of the city for tourists) and about Food & Restaurants.

*Emotional index (E-index): The emotional index calculated on a topic by our algorithm is an emotional KPI. It enables to easily apprehend in graphics the affective evolution of feedbacks. Like a temperature, every e-index is linked to a color and a major primary emotion. More information in

Classement Happy

Make its tourists happy is the first mission of all touristic destinations. With 76% of tweet expressing a feeling of happiness, Lyon is the city that manages the best to arouse the joy to its tourists, a delight that they did not hesitate to express on social networks!

Classement Surprise

Surprise, astonishment and distraction are also feelings necessary to enjoy visitors: an astonished tourist is usually a tourist delighted who want to express his feeling with the rest of the world! Bordeaux is the most successful city to surprise its visitors with 70% of tweets expressing this emotion.

Classement Destination

Although Lyon is, globally, the city that arouses the most happiness on Twitter, it is Marseille which arouses the most positive emotions in terms of destination! We analyzed here the tweets about the theme of Destination, it means the overall appeal for the city, its climate, its infrastructures, its monuments, its spaces, beaches, landscape, etc… ! On this criteria, Marseille causes the most happiness with an average e-index of 33°! Bordeaux and Toulouse closely follow.

Classement Food

France, country of gastronomy! From all tweets mentioning food, specialties, restaurants, bistros, bars, cafes, etc … it is tweets about Toulouse and Paris that are the most positive, with an average e-index of 27 °! Parisian restaurants and specialties from Toulouse succeed to charm tourists on Twitter during the past two weeks.

Each city has its strengths, its themes that delight the most to tourists. To you to define what are your interests for your next vacation and see which city emotionally corresponds better to your expectations!

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