Which French Museum arouses the most Happiness and Surprise on Twitter ?

After the comparison of different cities and regions that will make you happy during your vacation, let’s discover now a very common activity practiced during times off: to visit museums!

There are many tourists (French or not) who love to wander through the various wings of a museum during their holidays: it’s a nice way to learn, to open ourselves to the world and to have fun. Some French museums are internationally recognized and are visited a lot each year. Among the most visited museums of the country, do you know which generate the most positive emotions on Twitter? Can you guess which museum makes its visitors happier, or which one never stop to surprise them? Find it out now with a new emotional analysis by Q°emotion !  


This study took place on Twitter from May 7th to 15th. We analyzed all tweets mentioning one of the five most visited museum in 2014: @MuseeLouvre (1194 tweets), @CVersailles (831 tweets), @CentrePompidou (976 tweets), @Le_Museum (724 tweets) [=National Museum of Natural History] and @MuseeOrsay (770 tweets).

Every tweet was analyzed to discover emotions expressed by Twitter users about French museums this week, to know which one is able to arouse the most happiness and surprise to its visitors!

First, Happiness. Like every touristic place, a museum must make its visitors happy. Let’s see which one accomplished the best this mission:


This is the Versailles Castle museum that arouses the most happiness: 70% of tweets mentioning the famous castle express joy. This huge and prestigious castle with its splendid gardens attracted over 7.4 million visitors last year. The reopening of the Carriage Gallery in May 10th especially delighted visitors.

The Louvre, the most visited French Museum, is ranked in the second place with 64% of responses expressing happiness. It is also the French museum that aroused the most reactions on Twitter this week with 1194 tweets.

Examples of Tweets expressing Happiness about Le Louvre and Versailles.

Now let’s talk about surprise. It is very important for a touristic place to know how to distract and amaze its visitors: it is a very good way to make them happy, curious and faithful. Indeed, an astonished tourist will enjoy his visit, will love talking about his surprise around him and keep a good memory of the museum, giving him a need to return again in this place to repeat the experience and see if it can still be surprised by the museum.


This is the National Museum of Natural History the most successful for this mission: 21% of tweets about it express surprise! The various scientific information and specifications provided by the museum and its no less famous “Jardin des Plantes” continue each year to surprise visitors who cannot get enough of this establishment. Orsay Museum follows, with 17% of surprise feelings. This place knows also how to satisfy tourists, thanks (for instance) to its exclusive new exhibition about the painter Charles Gleyre that began on May 10th.

Examples of Tweets expressing Happiness about MNHN and Orsay Museum.

To conclude, to be sure to spend a happy and distracting time into a French Museum, you must visit the Versailles Castle and the National Museum of Natural History. These places will be able to enjoy and to surprise you… according to Twitter users’ feedbacks of this week!


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