In Which Hotel Will You Spend The Nicest Stay ?

Third week of the Q°emotion Tourism Month! After touristic regions and places to visit, do you know where to sleep during your vacation? Focus on the Hotel Chain the more present in France and Europe: the AccorHotels Group.

Indeed, this French Hotels group largely ahead its main (US) competitor Best Western with more than 260,000 rooms throughout the European Union. So there are some chances that you will need to spend a night in one of these hotels during your holidays! Here we will look at the emotions generated by the AccorHotels group and some of its most popular brands: Mercure, Ibis, Novotel and Sofitel. Which brand is the best to make its customers happy? According to Twitter users, which brand offers the best rooms, staff, reception or food service? What about the overall opinion about the Accor Group? Let’s discover it now with a new emotional semantic analysis by Q°emotion ! 

This study took place on Twitter from May 10th to 20th. We analyzed more than 3000 tweets mentioning #AccorHotels or one of these brands: #Mercure_FR, #Ibis, #Novotel or #Sofitel.

Every tweet was analyzed to discover emotions expressed by Twitter users about Accor’s hotels last week, to know which one is able to arouse the most happiness its visitors about various thematic: accommodation (hotels’ infrastructures, rooms…), reception of visitors, staff and food service.

Global Happiness

This is #Novotel which managed the best to get a big rate of happiness from the Twitter Users: 64% of tweets about this brand expressed happiness. This is the hotel brand which satisfied most visitors during the last week.

Generally, #AccorHotels established also a very good score with 63% of happiness generated by users who are pretty satisfied with the hotel chain.


It’s often the most important factor when we decide to spend the night at the hotel. According to Twitter, this is the #Mercure_FR hotels that offered the best accommodations of the Accorhotels group: the average Emotional Index* of tweets about it is 29°C, it means a very positive feeling.

Overall, AccorHotels convinces its visitors with its accommodation, the average e-index remaining between 22 and 29°C. Travelers expressed positive emotion about it in their tweets.

*The Emotional Index (E-Index) is an emotional KPI. It summarizes the emotions felt and is expressed in the form of an emotional temperature: each e-index is linked to a color and an important primary emotion: 40°C for happiness to -20°C for disgust. More information here:


To make a good impression from the first seconds is a key of success for any hotel! In the AccorHotels group, this is #Ibis brand which has the best reception of customers: the average E-Index is 26°C. Visitors seem satisfied by the reception service, which surely will have an impact on the general feeling about the stay in the hotel. So it is important to pay attention to this factor and, as #Ibis, caring about hospitality.


It’s really unpleasant to face to a rude or unhelpful staff during our holidays! But do not worry about it in #AccorHotel because its staff gets an e-index of 34°C, so a very positive temperature!

However, this is not the case for all Group brands: #Ibis gets an average e-index of only 5°C. It means that customers are usually sad, disappointed or even feel anticipation before to meet the staff of these hotels.

Food Service

A good night in the hotel of your choice is great, but if in addition the hotel offers a good food service your stay can become wonderful! According to Twitter Users, it is in #Sofitel hotels where you will eat the best with an E-index of 28°C.

In conclusion, Accor and its brands kwow how to satisfy their customers who seem generally happy. Each brand has its strong points, to you to decide which factor you need to enjoy the best as possible your holidays!


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