Infographic – How emotions impact the purchase decisions of B2B buyers

Do you think that in the B2B sector, buyers are mainly interested by the market value of a product and not really interested by its emotional value? Well, it’s wrong : in content marketing for business service, emotion trumps reason !

According to an article from The Kapost Blog, B2B brands drive significantly more emotional connections than B2C brands

Indeed, B2B brands elicit an emotional connection with 50% of their buyers, against 10 to 40% in B2C sector. So, forget preconceived ideas and provide to your corporate clients emotional contents addresses to their problem in order to obtain the trust and support of the buyer!

To a better understanding of this study, let’s discover this infographic explaining the impact of emotions in the purchasing decision in B2B :

B2B content marketing business value vs. emotionBrought to you by Kapost


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