In which Vacation Villages will you spend the happiest holidays ?

Summer is here, holidays are approaching! Some of you are perhaps already enjoy their vacations in their favorite place. For others, do you know in which type of accommodation you will spend your holidays? Do you know vacation villages? This is one of the favorite holiday solutions of French people with cottages and resorts club. Therefore, many tour operators offer stays in this kind of accommodation. So, to help you make your choice, Q°emotion proposes today to compare the three biggest leaders of the French market  of Vacation Villages: Belambra, Club Med and Pierre & Vacances! Do you know which brand of Vacation Villages will make you the happiest? Let’s find it out now through a new Q°emotion emotional analysis ! 

Vacation villages are very appreciated for their concept of “all included”, both because of included services and of the various infrastructures (all present on the same place). This concept attracts by its practicality (no household tasks, appropriate infrastructure for all ages) and its budget, “all included” ensuring control of finances, thus avoiding unpleasant off budget surprises. What ensure serene and relaxed vacation !

Thus, Q°emotion proposes to help you to choose which of the three leading French holiday villages will most satisfy you: Belambra, Club Med or Pierre & Vacances.

This study took place on Twitter from July 6th to 14th. We analyzed all tweets about these three biggest French Vacation Villages: #Belambra (138 tweets), #ClubmedFr (243 tweets), and #Pierre_vacances (559 tweets). Every tweet was analyzed to discover emotions expressed by Twitter users about Vacation Villages brands last week, to know which one is able to arouse the most happiness to its visitors.

Belambra: where you will be the happiest

Belambra Visuel

With an average E-Index* of 32°C, this is Belambra which aroused the most joy to its customers! This is also Belambra which aroused the highest rate of general happiness: during the period, 63% of tweets about this brand expressed joy! But careful, Pierre & Vacances follows closely behind with a rate of happiness of 62%.

Belambra also knows how to surprise its clients: with a surprise rate of 16%, this is the best to amaze its visitors.

*Emotional index (E-index): The emotional index calculated on a topic by our algorithm is an emotional KPI. It enables to easily apprehend in graphics the affective evolution of feedbacks. Like a temperature, every e-index is linked to a color and a major primary emotion. More information in

Club Med, dream destinations

Club Med Visuel

Club Med, leader top of the line of vacation villages, knows how to rejoice its customers through its destinations! Tweets mentioning the many dream destinations of Club Med are very positive, collecting an average E-index of 34°C, the highest rate of happiness compare to its competitors. This is the brand that you must choose if you want the best destinations for your vacation!

Pierre & Vacances: competitive prices that satisfied customers

Pierre & Vacances Visuel

As mentioned above, Pierre & Vacances knows how to create customer satisfaction: 62% of overall happiness rate, close behind Belambra.

Where Pierre & Vacances is the best, it is in its prices. Twitter users expressed very positive feedbacks about the tariffs charged by the brand: the theme “Promotions” collect a very happy average E-Index of 35°C. In the same way, the category ‘Reservation and tariffs’ has an average E-index of 23°C: visitors are pleasantly surprised by prices.


Here’s to you now to choose, according to these criteria, which of these Vacation Village is likely to make you the happiest!


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