[Infographic] Emotions and Human Brain secrets to improve your Marketing

Thanks to this infographic, created by MyEmma, discover 12 facts about human brain that you should use to improve your marketing !

Our brain processes differently emotions than informative and rational data: emotions leave a mark more easily and sustainably on our mind.

What you must remember of this infographic about emotional processing of data in our brain: 

  • Emotions process input 5 times faster than our conscious brain and make a more lasting imprint than rational thought.
  • The area of our brain that processes emotions is right next to the part that processes images.
  • All images of faces we see catch our attention, but baby faces light up our emotion receptors.
  • 62 to 90% of our emotions about a product is determined only by the color: for instance, yellow activates the anxiety center of the brain and blue builds trust.

Discover many other very interesting facts in this infographic:



Photo credit: A Health Blog via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA


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