Pokémon GO : a Powerful Emotional Phenomenon

Have you even heard about Pokémon GO? I think so! Actual worldwide phenomenon since its release in different countries in July, no one can miss this free augmented reality game about the universe of a famous game of the 90s.

This app, developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android devices, was downloaded by more than 75 million people worldwide after its release, becoming quickly one of the most used free mobile apps. Following the success of the game, Nintendo, holder of the Pokémon franchise, saw its shares up more than 50% in July.

Pokémon GO made a sensational debut in the market of free mobile apps and continues to get itself talked about since its publication. Reviewers praised the game’s concept and the incentive to be more active in the real world, while criticizing technical issues apparent at launch. It was complimented for its location-based and augmented reality gaming but it attracted also controversy for its recurrent server crashes, and for contributing to accidents or becoming a public nuisance.

Therefore, this game leaves no one indifferent. Whether its fan club or its detractors, many are those who speak about Pokémon GO, especially on social networks. But, do you know which emotions are expressed by reviewers about this game? An app that makes such a noise cannot let emotionally indifferent! What are the main emotions expressed about this global phenomenon? About which topics?

To discover it, Q°emotion offers you today an emotional analysis of Twitter feedbacks about the worldwide phenomenon Pokémon GO!

During one week, we analysed the general feeling about the hashtag #PokemonGO on Twitter through the semantic emotional analysis platform Q°emotion. We analyzed emotions expressed by all tweets referring to this game from 19 to 26 July 2016, i.e. a total of 733 tweets about #PokemonGO.

chart emo pokemon

Overall, the most expressed emotions are happiness (almost 50% of tweet), sadness and surprise. Note that all emotions are expressed about this game. Although “positive” emotions (it means happiness and surprise) are predominant, other emotions – more negative – cannot be ignored.

evo emo pokemon

This graph represents the evolution of the rate of each emotion during our period. We can clearly see the emotional power of this application. For example, we notice a joy peak on July 21, date communicated by some media as the official release of the game in France and Japan. However, this date was wrong. Many fans expressed their joy and impatience that day, and then anger the next day when they discovered that the application was still not available: July 22, joy drops and anger increases.

Similarly, on July 24, pokéfans discovered that the game was finally available in their country. An event they did not hesitate to share on Twitter, because we see a sharp increase of happiness rate this day as well as a sharp decline of anger rate.

So it is possible to guess the news of the game just by following on the emotions expressed by the players on Twitter, evidence that this application has a very strong emotional power on people.

It is also possible to detect the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon GO by analyzing the most emotional tweets published. For each tweet, the Q°emotion platform is able to detect the level of each emotion expressed by the user. By analyzing tweets with strong emotional level, it is possible to detect the main problems and strengths of this game while detecting potential influencers and detractors.

It is important to pay attention to emotions expressed by its customers: they are very often a fantastic detection tools of weaknesses that need to be quickly examined.

Thus, let’s discover examples of tweets with a high rate of each of the six primary emotions, and find out about what topics they deal!

Are written in color the most emotional words of each tweet. Some tweets were translated.


It is the predominant emotion about Pokémon GO: users seem pleased by this application and do not hesitate to praise it on social networks. They mainly congratulating the gameplay and the community created around this game.

What a wonderful evening 🙂 a lot of fun during our #PokémonGO hunt 💖💖💖 #flashmama #viedemaman… https://t.co/gLobigNnVH – @blogueFlashMama

In the square we played to #PokemonGO and a CRS truck stops, opens the window and say: “I hope you are in the blue team !!“ 😂 – @Arthurait

My life is complete! Hatched a 5km egg and the best Pokémon in the world was added to my team! #PokemonGO #TeamInstinct https://t.co/S9x1AyLwwg – @GokemonPo


What’s more surprising than to discover a Pokémon in his living room? Many are those who share their amazing discoveries. Similarly, the amazement is also expressed about the rapid success of the game, which few expected.

I park, I turn on #PokemonGO and I end up with that on my hood !! Sometimes.. life is cool 😄 #Ronflex https://t.co/MgLjyQtNhI – @Benjy19130

Worldwide phenomenon. I think it’s a unique way for people to get outside and connect in a weird way 😎 #PokemonGO https://t.co/0Wx1tBebWT – @ginawicentowich


Innovation can seem scary for some people. They are suspicious face to problems generated by this application and are concerned about its impact in the future.

Gangs of young people seeking Pokémons during the night in the street scare me. #youthgang #PokemonGO – @EmilieLgz

#PokemonGO madness amused et worried in Egypt https://t.co/OFki7hjzeB – @Mpassy_JR


The main factors of sadness and disappointment in this game are the fails that are very common, the late release in some countries and the lack of communication from Niantic about this.

Worst part of #PokemonGO server fails is that @NianticLabs seem to not give a f*ck. No response. No apology. https://t.co/HVbxzPlBbL – @Bazor_Chris

Me at 22h55, while #PokemonGo is still not available in France… https://t.co/DcZgmsSCsC – @Ptite_Popo


This emotion can be expressed by deractors of the game, pointing to the behavior of some players. But anger is best expressed by the players themselves, tired and annoyed by many server fails that tarnish their gaming experience.

Seriously can’t believe #FireTrucks are being blocked by #PokemonGO players !?!!  https://t.co/SG7b005PRb – @MaureenOBoyle

Honestly, @PokemonGoApp should really reimburse players for lures/lucky eggs/incense used during a server crash. Ridiculous. #PokemonGO – @Cedgar00

Dear PokémonGo, stop being a bitch and fix your servers. – @BrattyandBlonde


Finally, this emotion (very negative) is minor. It is mainly expressed by players who lose patience with all servers crashes or with the gameplay itself that is not always in their favor.

@PokemonGoApp fuck this three step glitch bullshit. Fix this problem please… #PokemonGO https://t.co/9dNZ1YvCqo – @RustyColbert

@PokemonCurrency @PokemonGoApp lol fuck off you fucking shit bastard. – @domrevan

MY 5KM EGG HATCHED AND I GOT THIS AND I FREAKING LOST MY MARBLES IN PUBLIC. #NoRagrats #PokemonGO https://t.co/okVJIhngGR – @chayeoji_mamaN


In conclusion, although mostly delighted, the population goes through all kinds of emotions dealing with Pokémon GO app. The importance of the phenomenon goes hand in hand with its emotional power: it can not be ignored.

The popularity of this game is growing and will continue to grow for a long time: Niantic announced that the game was developed for the moment only at 10% of its full version. Therefore, Pokémon GO will make us feel every possible and conceivable emotions for a long time!


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Pokémon GO picture from : https://www.vg247.com/



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