Emotions and Social Media Engagement

Emotional content marketing is no longer an option for professionals: consumers react to content which makes them feel strong emotions, which touches them at an emotional level.

As this article: “The Vital Importance of Psychology in Social Media Marketing” from Martech Advisor explains, today “psychology plays an important role in the success of social media and influences how business owners use different social media channels to promote their services and products.

So, to attract and build a strong relationship with your audience, you need to include emotions in your marketing content. Motivation purchases are guided 8 out of 10 times by our emotions, this is why you may use psychology and emotions to be more effective in your social media campaigns.

Let’s discover in this article a quick overview of Martech Advisor’s tips to use effectively psychology of emotions in social media marketing. 

  • Delivering gifts to your audience

It’s a good way to engage your consumers: if you give them something valuable they will feel indebted to your brand and could give you something in return.

  • Creating a strong emotional connexion

Be emotionally connected with your customers will increase their engagement for your brand. To create this connexion, you need to interact with them in a meaningful way: analyze your posts to measure engagement and adapt your future posts, join discussions about your brand… Take time to interact with your audience to arouse emotions and to make them feel heard and understood. To feel like an important member of the community can increase loyalty.

  • Making them feel strong emotions

Do not hesitate to bet on emotions such as compassion and empathy to connect with your audience ! Storytelling is a good way to effectively share those feelings.

  • Partnering with influencers

Influencers are very efficient to target and engage consumers and can give credibility to your brand if influencers are well chosen (in ad equation with your brand and your target audience and with a good social media engagement with their community).

  • Playing on positive emotions

Positive contents which evoke awe, happiness, laughter and amusement are more likely to be shared. So do not hesitate to propose positive contents to be shared by your audience.

  • Better understand your consumers

Fully understand the habits and expectations of your audience (by preliminary researches) will allow you to offer relevant and therefore more profitable content to your followers, your social media campaigns will be more effective.

  • Betting on exclusivity

To provoke a feeling of exclusivity to your consumers will allow them to feel as important members of your community which unconsciously lead them to be more active and engaged to your brand.

  • “The social impact theory”

Have a significant presence in the lives of your customers ! More you will post engaging contents in social media, more likely consumers will respond to your brand. You need to propose frequently to your audience added value and engaging content to be recognized.

To conclude, you need to have a perfect understanding of your consumers to be effective on social media: understand their psychology to play on their emotions and to propose relevant and engaging contents which will permit to your brand to be recognized and loved by your audience.

To learn more about the importance of psychology in social media marketing, discover the full article of Martech Advisor here.

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Photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa via VisualHunt / CC BY


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