[Infographic] Emotional vs. Pragmatic Marketing: what is your preference ?

Psychologists and personality theorists believe there to be differences between the right and the left side of the brain. Both parties can shape our personality:

  • The left side is logic and pragmatic. It helps us to pay attention to details. This is the realistic and the methodical side of our brain.
  • On the other hand, the right side is the centre of our emotions. It gives more importance to art, dreams and creativity.

The following infographic, proposed by Marketo, applies this theory to marketing professionals. The type of thinker you are guides the campaigns you design. Do you know what type of marketer you are ? 

For example, when you’re creating a marketing campaign, if you use more your “left brain”, you will describe the product or service from a practical point of view. Your advertising will show the product in action and various testimonials from satisfied customers that explain why your clients love using it.

However, if you use more your “right brain”, you will develop your advertising as a story involving your brand. You will tend to choose a quirky, funny or surprising tone to make your brand memorable.

So depending on whether you use your left or your right brain, your perception of marketing will be different.

Through various practical examples applied to marketing, discover through this infographic of Marketo if you are a “right brain” or a “left brain” marketer !

The Right Brain vs. Left Brain of Marketers Infographic by Marketo

So, are you rather pragmatic or emotional ?

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