Why your Business should use Emotional Analysis

Many studies showed that consumer behavior is driven by rational thoughts and also by emotions. While it is quite easy to measure the rational aspect of a behavior about a brand (through its availability, its price or its quality for example), it is much more difficult for marketers to measure emotions, although today many new technologies allow businesses to directly measure customer’s emotions.

However, many brands still hesitate to use emotional analysis. That’s why Branding Magazine proposed three good reasons to invest into emotional analysis to improve your business.

1/ To provide more specific information.

The analysis of emotions of your consumers, about a new marketing campaign for example, will allow you to get clear, accurate and deep information on the effectiveness of your campaign and the reactions generated on your target.

Emotions can also allow you to adapt and optimize your strategy easier, thanks to the emotional reactions expressed – consciously or not – by the consumer. For example, after testing a new ad through a consumer panel, you can adjust your target by comparing the reactions of different types of customers (the ad can be more efficient on women for instance). With this kind of information, you can also be able to know exactly what mix of emotions you must use in future videos and other types of brand messaging.

2/ To create authentic and convincing experiences.

A big challenge for marketers is to discover and understand what their customers are really thinking about a brand: it can be difficult to clearly articulate a though or an emotion about an experience, so information expressed can differ from the real experience.

That’s why it’s important to invest into emotional analysis tools to better understand inexpressible experiences. Emotions allow us to tap into unconscious experiences with brand environments. A good understanding of emotions can permit to create “emotionally resonant moments through responsive environments that deeply connect with our target”.

3/ To get “live” outcomes.

Usually, feedbacks from customers about a brand come after the experience with the brand (after watching a new ad for example), they give an overall feeling of the experience.

But, marketers know that every second matters to analyse a marketing content. By using emotional insights tools, marketers are able to detect every changes in emotional response of its customers during a marketing experience. Then it’s possible to identify key points of the message and optimize it for each second.

To conclude, emotional analysis offers incredible new opportunities for brands to make their messages more affecting and engaging, that’s why companies must not neglect emotional insights in their marketing campaigns.

To read this article from Branding Magazine in more details and to discover concrete uses of emotional insights, click here !


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