How disappointed is your customer?

To the reader, the human being, and the customer you are:  How many times did you complain? About a missing service? A technical problem? Or even a simple consultation?

How many times were you really satisfied?

Your problem might have been solved, your advice might have been given to you as well. But how much time did you have to wait for it? Were they friendly enough on the phone?

Did they take your emotions into account?

Most of the time the answer is NO. The customers are not only interested in your products, they are also interested in you. While you are only taking his reclamations into account, your competitors are giving your client time, attention, and empathy. As a customer, you expect to have your problem in the briefest delays, yet, as waiting might be inacceptable in most situations, taking the emotional dimension into account can change your customer’s mind.


How many times do you want your customer to come back?

It is up to you to define the purchasing power, you have it all in your hands; if not in your mind. A customer is a person in need, and you must reassure them.  You need to tell them that everything is going to be fine, that they matter, that you care, you listen, and that you understand how they feel. This kind of behavior can have tremendous changes in your customer loyalty, your brand image, and the perceived vision of the company.

The gap between success and failure is not always your products features, nor price, nor quality. Customers care about how you act towards them and that is what makes a business more successful than another.

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Your clients are precious, so learn how to care about them, to analyze their emotions, and to take their feelings into account, to keep them close, and to generate a positive word of mouth about your services.

Sabrine Emrane et Basile Brigandet, Q°emotion

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