Superheroes in motion

Do you wonder who feels emotions? Today we came to answer you .

The world conspires emotion. From the first summer breeze until the last swallow that makes a summer. The world breathes emotion in birth ,death ,love ,success ,failure, fear and excitement. Emotions are a gift on nature: a blessing! They are generously given to all creatures to be felt and in the utmost cases to be shared and expressed. Human beings are very likely to express their emotions with facial expressions, through words and expressions .

But what about superheroes? How emotional can they get?

In this article, Q°emotion challenges the supernatural world  offering our readers 6 scenes where primary emotions were obviously shown by some of our favorite movies and animation characters

Batman VS Superman

Can we all take a look back at one of 2016’s biggest movies, rumor has it , Batman was mainly feeling sadness after killing Superman for the overall sake (Sadness)

Happy spiderman : Happiness

Spiderman has Jagger moves after all. Thrill and happiness were obvious emotions shared by Tobey McGuire on a spectacular dance. Want to join?


Hulk is here ! : Anger

Hulk’s anger leaves no room for weakness. If you consider the power in his anger, do no worry about awaking it, he is always ready, always “ANGRY”


No more failure : Disgust

Disappointment and disgust were obvious emotions that lord vether have shown in Star Wars. Admiral failed him again, but this time was the last time. Let’s see him choke !

I’m so scared to die : Fear

Fear is something we nearly never witness in animated movies, or if so never in an intense way. In this scene, flying buzz heroes have a look of fear that could tear weak hearts out


She knows how to impress : Surprise

Check out the last time CATWOMAN surprised everyone with her NBA professional moves in basketball, 2004 was not a very bad year for ladies after all, was it?


Sabrine Emrane et Basile Brigandet – Q°emotion

Crédit photos: Chris Barbalis

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