VivaTechnology : Two successes in a row

Start-up spirit in the place

Start-ups were all over the place and innovation was the spirit to adopt . Big companies from different sectors hosted  start-ups selected among many to represent their products and services aiming to change the world with their new discoveries. An atmosphere of amazement and creativity with robots, VR experiences, tools, games, solutions and many other creations catching the attention of all different kinds of visitors. The fresh and innovating spirit of start-ups was also highly supported by the french president who highlighted in his speech his interest and his support describing France as start-up willing to take safe solid steps into a bright future.


Q°emotion was in VivaTechnology!

Qemotion was in VivaTech, the co-founders, business developers and other team members were engaged to explain to all the professional and students who visited the booth how the solution was able to give impressive results.  All without any exception were ready to give a detailed demonstration of how the platform analyzes customers emotions and previous examples of real business cases. Guest of LVMH luxury, Qemotion gives a quick view of the emotion generated by the hashtag #lvmhtech. 

FireShot Screen Capture #108 - 'Q°emotion' - www_qemotion_com_purchased_hashtags_2465.png

Our solution was able to measure the attendance of the event and give a feedback about it. While the results are normally scaled from -20° to 40° the global emotional index of 33°proves that the event generated form an overall point of view positive emotions in the visitor’s opinion. Positive reactions rose up untill 98%. The emotion of “surprise” was at a high rate of 34% proving that the event went beyond the visitor’s expectations!

FireShot Screen Capture #107 - 'Q°emotion' - www_qemotion_com_purchased_hashtags_2465.png

Who should we remember from VivaTechnology 2017?

Among all the interventions that aspired to capture the visitor’s attention and to clarify to them the vision that world leaders had about the future, we at Q°emotion selected the TOP 4 twitter accounts with a recognizable impact on the tweeps . The accounts that were more visible on twitter with a maximum of retweets, likes and engagement are provided to you in this classification :

Many emotional Tweets retweeted by lots of influencers :

In conclusion, the social media experts at Qemotion did not miss the chance to gather for you the most emotional tweets of VivaTechnology that were mainly generated by LVMH.

Writted by Sabrine Emrane & Basile BRIGANDET




Q°emotion is the first analytics & predictive platform dedicated to the voice of customers and employees centred around emotions. Rendering emotional analytics, alerts and predictions, it has been invented to help improve customer/ employee experience & relation in order to increase audience engagement.

Founded by Matthieu Bruneteau de Gorsse (Valeo, Promod, Lacoste) and Grégoire Pfirsch (Danone, Meccano, Altran, MetrixLab), Q°emotion is incubated in Technopole Center de l’Aube-en-Champagne and at the Welcome City Lab of Paris&Co.

Contact us : 



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