Superheroes in motion

Do you wonder who feels emotions? Today we came to answer you .

The world conspires emotion. From the first summer breeze until the last swallow that makes a summer. The world breathes emotion in birth ,death ,love ,success ,failure, fear and excitement. Emotions are a gift on nature: a blessing! They are generously given to all creatures to be felt and in the utmost cases to be shared and expressed. Human beings are very likely to express their emotions with facial expressions, through words and expressions .

But what about superheroes? How emotional can they get?

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Pokémon GO : a Powerful Emotional Phenomenon

Have you even heard about Pokémon GO? I think so! Actual worldwide phenomenon since its release in different countries in July, no one can miss this free augmented reality game about the universe of a famous game of the 90s.

This app, developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android devices, was downloaded by more than 75 million people worldwide after its release, becoming quickly one of the most used free mobile apps. Following the success of the game, Nintendo, holder of the Pokémon franchise, saw its shares up more than 50% in July.

Pokémon GO made a sensational debut in the market of free mobile apps and continues to get itself talked about since its publication. Reviewers praised the game’s concept and the incentive to be more active in the real world, while criticizing technical issues apparent at launch. It was complimented for its location-based and augmented reality gaming but it attracted also controversy for its recurrent server crashes, and for contributing to accidents or becoming a public nuisance.

Therefore, this game leaves no one indifferent. Whether its fan club or its detractors, many are those who speak about Pokémon GO, especially on social networks. But, do you know which emotions are expressed by reviewers about this game? An app that makes such a noise cannot let emotionally indifferent! What are the main emotions expressed about this global phenomenon? About which topics?

To discover it, Q°emotion offers you today an emotional analysis of Twitter feedbacks about the worldwide phenomenon Pokémon GO!

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In which Vacation Villages will you spend the happiest holidays ?

Summer is here, holidays are approaching! Some of you are perhaps already enjoy their vacations in their favorite place. For others, do you know in which type of accommodation you will spend your holidays? Do you know vacation villages? This is one of the favorite holiday solutions of French people with cottages and resorts club. Therefore, many tour operators offer stays in this kind of accommodation. So, to help you make your choice, Q°emotion proposes today to compare the three biggest leaders of the French market  of Vacation Villages: Belambra, Club Med and Pierre & Vacances! Do you know which brand of Vacation Villages will make you the happiest? Let’s find it out now through a new Q°emotion emotional analysis !  Continue reading

In Which Hotel Will You Spend The Nicest Stay ?

Third week of the Q°emotion Tourism Month! After touristic regions and places to visit, do you know where to sleep during your vacation? Focus on the Hotel Chain the more present in France and Europe: the AccorHotels Group.

Indeed, this French Hotels group largely ahead its main (US) competitor Best Western with more than 260,000 rooms throughout the European Union. So there are some chances that you will need to spend a night in one of these hotels during your holidays! Here we will look at the emotions generated by the AccorHotels group and some of its most popular brands: Mercure, Ibis, Novotel and Sofitel. Which brand is the best to make its customers happy? According to Twitter users, which brand offers the best rooms, staff, reception or food service? What about the overall opinion about the Accor Group? Let’s discover it now with a new emotional semantic analysis by Q°emotion !  Continue reading

Which French Museum arouses the most Happiness and Surprise on Twitter ?

After the comparison of different cities and regions that will make you happy during your vacation, let’s discover now a very common activity practiced during times off: to visit museums!

There are many tourists (French or not) who love to wander through the various wings of a museum during their holidays: it’s a nice way to learn, to open ourselves to the world and to have fun. Some French museums are internationally recognized and are visited a lot each year. Among the most visited museums of the country, do you know which generate the most positive emotions on Twitter? Can you guess which museum makes its visitors happier, or which one never stop to surprise them? Find it out now with a new emotional analysis by Q°emotion !   Continue reading

French Touristic Cities: Where Will You Be The Happiest ?

Third part of the Q°emotion Tourism Month! After mountainous and seaside regions, let’s look at the major French Touristic Cities! Among the most populated (and touristic) cities of France, which one arouse the most happiness on social networks?

To discover it, we analyzed official hashtags of the five biggest cities’ tourist offices: Paris (#Parisjetaime), Lyon (#OnlyLyon), Marseille (#ChooseMarseille), Toulouse (#VisitezToulouse) and Bordeaux (#BordeauxTourism). These most populated cities are also among the top of cities that attract the most tourists each year. Can you guess which one of these cities arouses the most happiness to its tourists?  Continue reading

French Mountainous Regions: where will you be the happier ?

“Tourism Month” continues! Today we look at another typical vacation spot: mountains.

When some people prefer to laze on the beach, others love big mountainous areas where it is possible to walk by taking a breath of fresh air admiring fabulous landscapes. France has many regions with this kind of panorama, but do you know where you will have the best chances to be happy during your vacation? Do you know which French mountain areas aroused the most happines and sadness on Twitter this week? Let’s discover it right now thought a new semantic emotional analysis by Q°emotion! Continue reading

French Seaside Regions: which one arouses the most happiness ?

Recently warm days are coming, the sun is here, temperatures increase … It feels like holidays, isn’t it? But do you know where to go during your time off? France is a very touristic country that attracts many foreign visitors and also many French who leave their home region to spend some time in another part of the country. But, French or not, it is often difficult to choose where to go, France having many varied tourist attractions: big cultural cities, mountains, sea … There’s something for everyone !

This month, Q°emotion decided to help you to make your choice ! We’ll try to know what places are the best to spend happy holidays ! Will be analyzed in the coming weeks the different emotions aroused by big French cities and regions to determine which one causes the most happiness, surprise, fear, sadness, anger or disgust on Twitter.

First part of the Q°emotion Tourism Month: seaside regions. Very touristic places with the approach of summer, do you know which maritime region between Côte d’Azur (French Riviera), Bretagne (Brittany), Aquitaine, Languedoc-Roussillon, Normandie (Normandy) and Corse (Corsica) sparked the most happiness on Twitter this week?

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TOTAL vs. ENGIE: What are the Emotions expressed facing the new energy strategy of Total ?

Total announced on April 20th the launch of its new energy strategy ‘One Total’ and its entry in the market of gas, electricity and renewable energy. Indeed, Total now aims to become the head of the responsible energy and provide an activity more compatible with climate protection. A strategic shift that could afraid the French giant ENGIE, current leader of renewable energy in the country.

Which emotions was expressed on Twitter about these two giants companies this week? Does the entry of Total in the renewable energy era is well received? Let’s find it out with this new emotional analysis from Q°emotion platform!  Continue reading

Mobile Operators: failed merger, fines … which impact on consumers’ emotions ?

French mobile operators have known an eventful week! First, the merger between Orange and Bouygues Telecom which failed miserably and which certainly generating a “continuous and sustainable weakening of telecom operators”. Then, the condemnation of SFR, which has to pay a fine of 15 million euro to the Competition Authority. And finally Free which, unlike its competitors, knew a rather positive news: Free is the least indebted company of all French mobile operators (link)!

Have all these events had an impact (positive or negative) on the emotions of consumers of these companies? Did they see some changes in their consumers’ sentiments because of these news? Let’s discover it know through an emotional analysis from Q°emotion! Continue reading