Les émotions: ingrédient secret de la réussite de votre expérience client

Pensez-vous qu’un client silencieux est un client satisfait ?

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Pensez encore une fois car vous êtes en train de vous tromper !

Un client ne vous dira pas toujours ce qu’il ressent, mais continuera tout de même à ressentir beaucoup d’émotions. Selon Frédéric Durand, et dans un article publié sur RelationclientMag.fr, il ne s’agit plus de satisfaire son client. Tant qu’il a une voix, le client ne cessera jamais de s’exprimer, mais quand il ne le fera pas il ne sera pas certainement en accord avec ce que vous faites.

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Control your emotions, before they control you

In this article we are going to talk about 3 main reasons why knowing our emotions is extremely relevant, and the three biggest dangers of not being fully aware of our emotions.

Emotions, from an overall point of view, are a state of consciousness that allows joy, sorrow, fear, hate or like to be experienced by a human being as a distinguished from cognitive and volitional state of consciousness. However, knowing your feelings is more than just identifying if either you are happy or sad, furthermore, it is crucial in the personal as in the professional life.

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Why your Business should use Emotional Analysis

Many studies showed that consumer behavior is driven by rational thoughts and also by emotions. While it is quite easy to measure the rational aspect of a behavior about a brand (through its availability, its price or its quality for example), it is much more difficult for marketers to measure emotions, although today many new technologies allow businesses to directly measure customer’s emotions.

However, many brands still hesitate to use emotional analysis. That’s why Branding Magazine proposed three good reasons to invest into emotional analysis to improve your business.

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[Infographic] Emotional vs. Pragmatic Marketing: what is your preference ?

Psychologists and personality theorists believe there to be differences between the right and the left side of the brain. Both parties can shape our personality:

  • The left side is logic and pragmatic. It helps us to pay attention to details. This is the realistic and the methodical side of our brain.
  • On the other hand, the right side is the centre of our emotions. It gives more importance to art, dreams and creativity.

The following infographic, proposed by Marketo, applies this theory to marketing professionals. The type of thinker you are guides the campaigns you design. Do you know what type of marketer you are ?  Continue reading

Emotional Marketing: Boost Your Brand by Scaring Your Audience!

Some brands don’t hesitate to arouse fear in their consumers’ minds through marketing. They have understood the importance of emotional marketing to engage their audience but they use it in a very special way, opting for a negative emotion. Why implement such kind of campaign, which is not adapted to all audiences and which can sometimes shock? Web Marketing & Com, in its article about emotional marketing of fear, suggests 4 hypotheses explaining the benefits for a business to scare its consumers.

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[Livre Blanc] Le Marketing Émotionnel pour une Meilleure Expérience Client

Saviez-vous que l’émotion est le premier facteur de fidélisation des clients dans 94% des industries ?

Plus que jamais, il est évident que les consommateurs se laissent influencer par leurs émotions dans leur relation avec les marques. De nombreuses entreprises ont compris que les émotions permettent d’attirer et de fidéliser leurs consommateurs bien plus efficacement que certaines stratégies plus rationnelles et informatives.

Ainsi, faire vibrer la corde sensible de vos clients est le meilleur moyen pour vous de le marquer… et de vous démarquer ! Continue reading

Emotions and Social Media Engagement

Emotional content marketing is no longer an option for professionals: consumers react to content which makes them feel strong emotions, which touches them at an emotional level.

As this article: “The Vital Importance of Psychology in Social Media Marketing” from Martech Advisor explains, today “psychology plays an important role in the success of social media and influences how business owners use different social media channels to promote their services and products.

So, to attract and build a strong relationship with your audience, you need to include emotions in your marketing content. Motivation purchases are guided 8 out of 10 times by our emotions, this is why you may use psychology and emotions to be more effective in your social media campaigns.

Let’s discover in this article a quick overview of Martech Advisor’s tips to use effectively psychology of emotions in social media marketing.  Continue reading

Pokémon GO : a Powerful Emotional Phenomenon

Have you even heard about Pokémon GO? I think so! Actual worldwide phenomenon since its release in different countries in July, no one can miss this free augmented reality game about the universe of a famous game of the 90s.

This app, developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android devices, was downloaded by more than 75 million people worldwide after its release, becoming quickly one of the most used free mobile apps. Following the success of the game, Nintendo, holder of the Pokémon franchise, saw its shares up more than 50% in July.

Pokémon GO made a sensational debut in the market of free mobile apps and continues to get itself talked about since its publication. Reviewers praised the game’s concept and the incentive to be more active in the real world, while criticizing technical issues apparent at launch. It was complimented for its location-based and augmented reality gaming but it attracted also controversy for its recurrent server crashes, and for contributing to accidents or becoming a public nuisance.

Therefore, this game leaves no one indifferent. Whether its fan club or its detractors, many are those who speak about Pokémon GO, especially on social networks. But, do you know which emotions are expressed by reviewers about this game? An app that makes such a noise cannot let emotionally indifferent! What are the main emotions expressed about this global phenomenon? About which topics?

To discover it, Q°emotion offers you today an emotional analysis of Twitter feedbacks about the worldwide phenomenon Pokémon GO!

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[Infographic] Emotions and Human Brain secrets to improve your Marketing

Thanks to this infographic, created by MyEmma, discover 12 facts about human brain that you should use to improve your marketing !

Our brain processes differently emotions than informative and rational data: emotions leave a mark more easily and sustainably on our mind.

What you must remember of this infographic about emotional processing of data in our brain:  Continue reading